50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Hawaii
July 21 to 30, 2006

Page 7 -- Flowers of Elua Village
Posted August 11, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

On our second day in Elua Village I grabbed my camera and took a self-guided tour from the ocean on the west to the entrance gate on Wailea Alanui Drive on the east.  The village doesn't have all the splashy awning chairs and amenities of the resort hotels, but I think it's the most beautiful spot in Wailea.  The units are set back from the ocean front, with rolling lawns for views instead of tacky chairs and beach vendor stands.  The lawns have palm trees tastefully placed and are trimmed with flowering shrubs everywhere.  A full-time gardening crew of 12 is kept busy going from one end to the other and back again to keep everything meticulously trimmed and healthy.

Layout of Elua Village units from top (east) to bottom (the ocean at west).
#304 - Craig,    #201 - Dave,    #702 - Andy,    #1402 -- Mom and Dad

View facing northwest from near the midpoint along Elua Village units.

View of south end of Ulua Beach, looking northwest.  Molokini is the small island in the background.
The much larger island in back of it is Kahoolawe.

I've now walked back north a bit and turned around to face up a gentle valley toward our children's units.

Flowering shrubs at each end of the valley bridge.

Flowers and shrubs up the valley beyond the bridge.

Among the shrubs were birds of paradise.

On the other side of the valley trellis above is what I call Orchid Park.
The palm trees in this grassy area have orchids planted on their bark. 
Similar areas are scattered about the grounds.

Another very healthy orchid.

Shades of purple dominated.  These are even more beautiful against the blue sky.

A large, umbrella-shaped Royal Poinciena tree just up from the tennis court.
These trees were more numerous and arched over the road until some were removed to unblock ocean view.

I've continued up the main road to the entrance gate, and look back toward the ocean again.
These trees are magnificent, with their brilliant red flowers and huge seed pods.

I'm now at the roundabout intersection at the gate.
You can see the ocean in the background of these pictures.

Close-up of the brilliant red Royal Poinciena flowers.

On my way back to #1402 I pop my head into the "small" pool enclosure.
We never had time to use either pool.

This was Monday.  Tuesday we went to Iao Valley, Wednesday we went to Molokini on the bouncing boat, and Thursday I went up the mountain to Haleakala with Andy, Nadia and Jan.  We returned by looping up to the north shore on our way back.

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