Bridgette and Anthony Wedding
May 5, 2007 -- Part 1 of 2

Posted May 11, 2007

Brother Don's daughter Mary Louise sent twenty outstanding pictures to us from her daughter Bridgette's wedding to Anthony (last name unknown, to this point) somewhere in the Chicago area.  I (Bert Lindberg) don't know much about the wedding and wedding party, but I do know that Mary Louise is a loving member of the Lindberg family and cousin to Barbara, Julia, Craig and David, children of Bert and Mary Pagels Lindberg.  I'll leave it to you to figure out the various relationships, but it is clear that we're all very happy for Mary Louise, and Bridgette and Anthony.

Bridgette and Anthony make their vows.

With this ring I thee wed (and something funny)
[Mary Louise later told me Bridgette's heel went into a floor crack.]

Bridgette and Anthony, now married, in the wedding gazebo.

The happy couple, even happier.

Bridgette's dad, Patrick, and her step mom, Sue, with the happy couple

Bridgette with her big brother, Chris

Bridesmaids are Bridgette's long-time friends.

Bridgette, a beautiful bride!

Bridgette and Anthony

Sister-brother monkeyshines

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