Bridgette and Anthony Wedding
May 5, 2007 -- Part 2 of 2

Posted May 11, 2007

This continues with more pictures from Mary Louise, and from her brother John (Don's son), complete with captions.  If all the relationships aren't clear, please ask -- these are family!
Male part of the festivities.

Bridgette at the reception

Anthony takes a little cake in the face.

Reception hanky panky

Grandma Lois and grandpa Herb Hesse dance at the reception.

Laura (Debbie's daughter) with Heather and Eleanor (John and Chin's daughters)

David (Lois and Herb's son, and John's brother) with Brittany (Dave's daughter)

The cousins (from left): Erik and Laura (Deb and Rob's kids), Eleanor and Heather (John and Chin's kids), Dela (Judy and Bijan's daughter, in green dress) and Brittany (Dave's daughter)

Don (another son of brother Don) and Kathleen

Erik and Laura, Debbie and Rob's children

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