Frisbee Golf
A Little Exercise After Thanksgiving

November 24, 2006 at Western Gateway Park
Penn Valley, California

Posted November 25, 2006

We had a good representation of family for Thanksgiving here in Lake Wildwood.  Dave drove up from Milpitas with Nik, Courtney, and Yukon, and Craig drove down from Nevada City with Jodie and Tyler.  With Mary and me (Herb) that made 8 of us for dinner, fun but not nearly the mob of 16 to 20 that appears for Harry and Carol's Thanksgivings in Bellingham.  Mary's turkey dinner was yummy, as always.  Jodie brought a spinach casserole that was tasty as well as healthy, and a pumpkin pie that was also tasty but probably not so healthy but more healthy than Mary's apple pie, which had a bottom AND top crust.  But Thanksgiving is not for counting calories and fat content -- it's for family fun and eating 'till you can't move.  We did both.

The next morning Craig, Jodie and Tyler returned about 10 a.m. to lead us all in a round of Frisbee golf at the local park.  We all went except for Mary, who was fighting a cold.

Tyler, Craig, Nik and Courtney walk from the parking lot to the Frisbee golf course.

Dave follows with Yukon.  Jodie went off for a run in Penn Valley and joined us later.

Each of the 18 holes has 5 possible positions for the "hole."
The position on the day of play is indicated by a colored bolt in one of the holes in the list at left.

It was a great time for Yukon, who was with us for the entire 18 holes.

Tyler tosses his "putt" as Nik prepares to toss his.

Tyler charges to retrieve the Frisbees after both shots were made.

Tyler tosses his drive from a tee platform while Nik, Dave and Craig watch. 

Walk from tee toward a typical "hole."  It took us about 5 tosses to get there.  Dave made a couple in 3 tosses.
Most tosses hit a tree or landed and rolled off into the woods.  Then you toss again from there.

Craig makes a tap-in putt.

Dave tosses his putt from farther out.

That evening we all went to Craig and Jodie's home to enjoy a bonfire, eat pizza, and watch a widescreen movie.

Dave and Courtney by the light of the fire.

Sparks fly as Craig tosses on another bunch of trail trimmings.  He said we burned
only about a tenth of the piles he's accumulated while hacking trails on his five acres.