Hole 10 -- Long and Narrow with a Beautiful Green
Pond and OB on the left, trees on the right

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The white and blue tees overlook a long fairway with a pond at short left. The red tee is 30 yards forward.

The black tee is well up the fairway.  At this distance the pond is no longer in play but the trees on the right and OB on the left encourage an accurate drive down the middle.

On their second shot, senior citizens playing the white tee face the same narrow opening as from the black tee, but farther up the fairway.

This view from the cart path shows a forgiving green with a wide apron and bunkers way off on the sides.  The trees and expanse toward the 17th fairway in the background make this a beautiful green.  It has a gentle saddle shape. There are no severe slopes but putts roll differently around the green.

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