Hole 11 -- A Straightforward Par 3
No side bunkers, but the hole is steeply raised

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The white and blue tees are at about 160 yards, so this is a relatively easy hole to land on the green. Short balls seldom run up the steeply sloped apron, and in fact can roll back down the hill.  Long balls can drift into a rear bunker, but it doesn't receive much play and therefore has no steep lip. Balls hit into the woods on the left are gone forever. Even balls only slightly pulled can cost a stroke when they bounce off the steep hill and into the underbrush. Balls hit right cause no penalty strokes, but are difficult to chip close to the pin because the green slopes downward from right to left.

The black red and black tees are at 115 to 135 yards, so the hole opens up to make a big target at a short range for an easy shot to the green.

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