Hole 14 -- Lake Wildwood's Most Beautiful Hole
... and its most challenging par 4

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

As you step up to the white and blue tee area (and sometimes red) you can look down the fairway and beyond to see the green and much of hole 15.  No matter how your round of golf is going, this awesome view makes you glad you came.  Keep your drive near the left edge of the fairway because it will roll down a slope toward the grove of trees on the right.  Even young bucks find it difficult to hit a drive long and accurate enough for a second-shot approach to the green.

This is about the range of the black tee, which is near the left edge of the fairway.  A drive well struck from there will land close enough to the green for a mid-iron approach.  The bunker on the left and valley of trees on the right are even more in play than from the white tee.

Modest hitters from the white tee face this second shot toward the green, which is more open from this left side than from the right.  The green is on the other side of a creek that separates the fairway from the apron.  A short fairway wood or 5 to 6 iron lands at 100 yards from the green, just short of the creek.

 Longer hitters have a second-shot approach from near the 150-yard marker (white spot in the foreground).

The lay-ups of modest hitters land as close as they dare to the cart path just this side of the creek, at 100 to 120 yards from the green.  It is an easy approach but the creek will swallow chunked shots and the right bunker will grab a pushed or faded shot.

This is the large, gaping ditch through which the creek runs. The severe slopes on either side act as a vacuum cleaner to pull in any shot that comes near, for example a lay-up that rolls past the 100-yard marker.

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