Hole 15 -- Long and mostly boring
... but a good opportunity to practice fairway woods

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

This is the only hole at Lake Wildwood that plays like a flat lowlander course. A drive from the white or blue tee must avoid trees left and right.  A fat evergreen tree on the right is particularly adept at stopping balls.

The fat evergreen is less in play from the red tee, but the tee is on the left which brings the right-side bunker more into play.

The new black tee is also on the left, but it is a small price to pay for being well on your way to the green.

 After your tee shot you face a long, uninterrupted expanse of fairway which is deceivingly benign. You must avoid drifting your second shot toward the clump of trees on the right because this puts you in an awkward position for an approach. Other trees to the left are similarly to be avoided but are not as punishing, as is clear in the next photo.

You can see that just a little right of this position is not a nice place to be.  A shot lofted enough to go over the trees will be short of the green.  If you are even closer to the trees you must go under them.  The new problem is when you are in line with the two bunkers you can't get past them with a low shot under the trees.

When you keep your fairway wood straight and true, you come to this easy approach to the green from about 100 yards, a fourth shot for most and a third shot for young bucks.

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