Hole 16 -- Another well-bunkered Par 3
It can be beautiful when the foothills appear beyond the green

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The view from the white and blue tees is beautiful, particularly on a clear day like this.  At 161 yards this hole is easily reached by most golfers, but bunkers right and left keep the hole challenging.  This is one of the few holes where a low shot has a good chance of rolling onto the green.

This zoomed photo shows more clearly the foothills in the background.  These can be snow covered in winter months.  Also note the Italian Flame tree behind the green, which serves (served) as a wonderful wind vane.  On this day there is a slight breeze from the right.  The bunkers are narrow with surrounding mounds to draw in balls like a vacuum cleaner.  If you land near the outer (farther from the pin) edge of the sand you face a downhill lie in a deep, narrow bunker, a serious challenge for average golfers.

The red and black tees are at about 130 yards, allowing high-numbered iron shots for short hitters.  This photo was taken more recently, after the helpful Italian Flame was rudely removed by golf "purists."

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