Hole 18 -- A Deceivingly Difficult Par 4
Average-player drives from the white tees don't roll down the hill

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The white and blue tees are at the top of a steep hill and offer a beautiful view of the pro shop and valley below.  One would think that even a modest drive from this hill would fly out above the valley and roll well down the hill.  This generally doesn't happen, because the grass is thick and deep on the hill and the ball is coming down from such a great height that it almost plugs instead of bouncing forward.  
     On the other hand, a booming drive by a young buck carries over this deep grass area and rolls forward.  There is hope for an average drive, but a very thin one.  An average drive hit just to the left of the trees on the right lands on a poorly watered dry area and bounces forward and beyond the 150-yard marker.

The red and black tees, at about 313 yards, are 50 yards closer than the white tees.  From this distance even a senior citizen drive can fly over the deep-grass hill and roll on just as a young buck drive from the white tees.  Also, the trees on the right are less in play, so the red and black tees offer a huge advantage over the white tees.  Second-shot approaches with mid or short irons become routine, instead of praying for a lucky bounce from the white tee and just barely making it to the green with a second-shot wood.

This photo from about 190 yards out shows the layout of the fairway and green for approach shots.  It is clear that your drive should be on the right side of the fairway to avoid the trees on the left, and second shots that go short and left (only too possible for drives not far enough for a mid-iron approach shot) lead to big trouble behind the trees.

The worst spot to land if you go short and left is behind these rocks.  But enjoy the consolation of a beautiful view of the green and pro shop framed by oaks and ruggedly fractured granite boulders.  Finish the hole and enjoy a drink at the bar hidden by the oak on the right.

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