Hole 2 -- Let Out Some Shaft
Somewhat longer than hole #1 and can eat golf balls

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The second hole is more wide open than the first and needs a longer tee shot, but is still a "Pussy Cat" for some.  There  is out of bounds left (homes) and right (driving range) but lots of fairway in between.  On this hole the more serious trouble is on the right -- out of bounds for a short slice and in a creek bed for a longer shot.  Aim for the water fountain left of center.  The green is on a slight dogleg right.

As on hole #1, the red tee is more open than the white.  It also avoids the out of bounds on the right but brings the pond at the water fountain on the left into play for a long hit.  A modest drive puts you well over the crest of a gentle hill for an easy approach to the green.  The black tee is closer and brings the pond at the fountain into play even for modest hitters.

Approach shots range from 170 yards to 70 yards, depending on player and tee.  It is an open shot from the left but the tall oak in this picture blocks out any straight shot from the right longer than about 130 yards.

Typical at Lake Wildwood, the green is raised and guarded by bunkers left and right. The green slopes down from right to left and back to front, so aim to the right of the pin and stay short of it.

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