Hole 3 -- Another Beautiful Hilltop View
An easy par 3, but avoid the bunker on the left

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The third hole plays shorter than the posted distance (140 to 160 yards).  A mid iron puts the average golfer on the green, and young bucks use a 9-iron or wedge.  Accuracy is the key.  Short left puts you into an over-used bunker with a massive lip toward the green.  A bit more left or long and the ball bounces off the hill into a variety of trouble. A slight push right usually causes no serious problem; in fact the hill on this side gives a "Lake Wildwood Bounce" toward the green.

This more typical tee placement opens the shot even more.

Closer view of the ghastly bunker on the left.

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