Hole 5 -- An Easy Par 5 With a Tricky Green
Not much trouble tee to green

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The tee shot is wide open, with parallel hole 6 on the right and out of bounds on the far left.

The red and black tees are about 30 yards forward, to the right, and a bit lower than the white and blue tees.  This shot is even more wide open than from the other tees.

An errant tee shot to the right could get you behind these trees, but getting through or around them is just an interesting challenge. On the plus side, the trees provide a beautifully framed view of the fairway and green.

Fairway and green viewed from a better tee shot landing.  This spot slightly to the right of the fairway was chosen for the photo because it shows the fairway getting progressively steeper downhill past this knoll. The goal of young bucks is to get their drive past the knoll and have it roll down this hill. The hill also slopes down from left to right, so the long tee shot should hug the left side of the fairway.

Approach shots are wide open to a large green.  Try to stay short of the pin.

View from behind the green and back down the fairway. The severe downslope from back to front is seen even in this photo. This can lead to very tricky putts if your approach shot stops past the pin, especially for pin placements near the front of the green.

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