Hole 6 -- A Long Par 4
A large apron makes forgiving approach shots

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

Another wide open tee shot, but it must be long to make the green on your second shot.  This is a piece of cake for young bucks, but most senior citizens play this hole as an easy par 5, which is the official par for women.

The black tees are far enough forward that senior citizens can make the green in two exceptionally good shots.  But watch for the fairway bunker on the right -- it's in play on the first of these shots.

Second-shot approaches span from out of range to a fairway wood or long iron.  Third shot approaches are an easy short iron or wedge.  The apron is wider than average and not raised suddenly, so the green is very forgiving.  The green slopes down from right to left, so aim to the right of the pin.

The green and bunker layout are best seen in this slightly zoomed shot from the cart path hill on the right.

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