Hole 7 -- Trouble City from Tee to Green
Trees and a front bunker force precise shots to avoid trouble

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

Hole 7 is a moderately long dogleg left. The trees on the left are serious trouble. The few trees on the right are more forgiving unless you hit the second oak in this picture or boom your drive into trees in the distant right. Hit a decent drive to the right side of the fairway to ensure an open second shot that doesn't get you into more trouble.

The black tees are far enough forward that senior citizens can make the green in two good shots.  The trees on the left will block your approach shot and force you right, where you have to hit over a bunker on your third shot. A drive down the middle avoids these problems.

A drive from the white tee landed here, a bit too far right, but the golfer has just hit an an open shot to the left side of the fairway, which avoids the front bunker on the next shot.

This is a typical third-shot approach location for a second shot that didn't hug the left side of the fairway. It's an open shot but with little room for error, especially for a forward pin location behind the bunker.  You can see that an approach from the left side is much more forgiving -- there is a wide apron and the bunker is not in play for a reasonable shot.

Same story, closer view of nasty lip on the front bunker. 

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