Hole 8 -- A Long and Interesting Par 4
A creek forces lay ups for moderate hitters

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

A good drive will make it to the 200-yard marker at the crest of the hill, from which a second shot can make it past a creek at the bottom of a valley.  Most senior citizens will land short enough that they must lay up with a short iron to stay short of the creek. Young bucks will clear the top of the hill to roll down the other side for an easy mid to short iron to the green.

Drives from the red tee make it past the 200-yard marker for a second shot to the green (or just short of it).  The tee shot is wide open from any of the tees.  The black tee is in the rough on the other side of the cart path. Drives from this tee land just short of the creek, or in the creek for a healthy shot with a driver instead of a fairway wood.

This is about the longest tee shot shot that requires a lay-up. The crest line and valley gap are clearly visible.

The slopes on each side of the creek are apparent as one proceeds past the crest.  The third shot after a lay up is invariable from a downhill lie.  Remember to put your weight on your downhill foot as you adjust your shoulders parallel to the slope for your approach shot.

Second shots that make it over the creek but not onto the green land on an uphill slope, requiring a short pitch to the green. The green slopes down from back to front but not enough that your approach needs to stay below the pin.

As you drive a cart over the hill toward the green, don't forget to pause and enjoy the spectacular view. 

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