SMAC Constitution

Founded 1977.  Adopted January 1979,
Amended September 2004


Article 1                Name                      The name of the organization shall be the Stanford Mechanics Alumni                                                                Club (SMAC).

Article 2                Purposes                 There shall be two purposes:

 (a)   To promote communication among alumni and friends of the academic unit at Stanford University known at various times as

The Division of Engineering Mechanics

The Department of Applied Mechanics

The Division of Applied Mechanics.


(b)   To promote the continuing excellence of the teaching and research of the faculty and students of that unit through a program of   faculty-student-alumni activities.

Article 3                 Membership          Membership is open to any person who subscribes to the above two purposes and is willing to contribute dues and other forms of support to keep the Club financially healthy and organizationally strong.

Article 4                 Officers                  The organization shall be governed by a Board of Advisors and a Secretariat.  Appointment to the Board of Advisors is a voluntary action by members of SMAC, subject to the confirmation by the entire membership using the so-called 60-day rule, i.e.,

A member who volunteers for service on the Board is considered confirmed if no objection is raised
by any other member within a 60-day period following the announcement of the action by mail.

The Board shall elect its own chairman.  There shall be no limit to the number of vacancies on the Board.

The Secretariat shall be located at the business office of the Division of Applied Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University .  A faculty member, appointed by the chairman of the Division of Applied Mechanics, shall serve as the Secretary of SMAC.

The Board of Advisors shall appoint an Editor-in-Chief and a Senior Editor to edit a semi-annual newsletter which shall be the principal means of communication among SMAC members.  The Board shall also appoint a Treasurer and an Auditor to manage the financial transactions of SMAC with a requirement that an annual budget and a semi-annual financial report of SMAC be presented to the Board of Advisors and the entire membership no later than Dec. 1 (for the budget) and May 1 and Dec. 1 (for the financial reports) of each calendar year.

Article 5                 Dues & Privileges          There shall be a minimum dues of $ 25.00 per year to cover the cost of the Secretariat, the office of the Newsletter Editors, the office of the Treasurer and the office of the Auditor.    Members are encouraged to become a SMAC Sponsor by contributing $100.00 per year, or a SMAC Life Member by contributing  $500.00 total including the amount contributed in previous years as a SMAC Sponsor.

Each member shall receive a copy of the directory of SMAC members with an annual updating by the Secretary in consultation with the Treasurer and the Newsletter Editors.

Article 6                 Meetings                       Because of the diverse geographical locations of SMAC members, all business of the Club shall be conducted by mail or email.  Informal meetings of the Club shall be scheduled from time to time at various locations at the initiation of one or more members who shall act as the host(s) to other members and their guests.

Article 7                 Amendments         Any member may initiate an amendment to this constitution with a minimum support of 10% of the total paid membership of the previous calendar year, or 10 other members, whichever is smaller.  An amendment, duly proposed and circulated by mail to the entire membership, shall become official 90 days after notification if less than 30% of the membership posted objections to that amendment within that 90-day period.

Article 8                 Dissolution            This organization shall cease to exist if the Board of Advisors consists of less than five members.

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