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Herb Lindberg, Webmaster

The SMAC Newsletter was resurrected in May 2004 after a hiatus of more than 20 years. Hal Brinson has volunteered to be its editor and Jeffrey Fong and Chuck Steele have made major contributions to the newsletter and to revitalizing SMAC. This Website is intended to supplement and expand coverage of the Newsletter, which is expensive to produce and published infrequently.

News can be transmitted almost immediately via the Website, with no need to wait for a next edition, and all the news remains on the site so members don't have to scrounge through their bookshelves looking for previous articles. Also, there are no external publication costs -- the only cost is the time of those who contribute material and of the Webmaster (I've volunteered) to collect and organize the material. That means the Website is essentially free, since SMAC is a voluntary effort by its members. Because it is "free," more extensive coverage can be provided in a free-wheeling environment. A few example pages of this more comprehensive coverage are given in this rendition of the site.

Nevertheless, organization is needed. What you see on the present home page is just a quick hack at a list of topics of interest, plus some actual coverage of one of our meetings, namely the V & V Symposium held at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD on November 8,9, 2004. The live links, and placeholders for links, have no structure, except that the tan-colored boxes are live links and the blue boxes are placeholders. For example, links to the V & V Symposium will eventually be from a Web page titled something like "SMAC-Sponsored Meetings," and only the link to this meetings page would appear on the home page. Similarly for the Constitution and Board of Advisors pages, which will eventually be subtopics under About SMAC.

Please submit your comments on this Website to Herb Lindberg.

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