Lake Wildwood Week in Acapulco -- Part 1
Aerial Views of Acapulco; Arrival Drinks

February 5, 2007
Posted February 20, 2007
2007, Herbert E. Lindberg

Our golf pro, Jim Knight, once again arranged for a luxurious golfing vacation at the Fairmont resorts in Acapulco, Mexico.  It was a great week with perfect weather (what else at this time in Acapulco?) and golf courses in good (the Princess) and excellent (the Marques) condition.  In the pictures that follow in this series of Web pages, I'll do my best to give names, but they were coming at me thick and fast so I may get some wrong and won't even hazard a guess for others.  Please email me ( with name corrections and additions!  While viewing these Web pages of relatively large images, it's best to switch your browser to full-screen mode (press F11).  After viewing, switch back to normal mode by pressing F11 again.

Before I get into our time in Acapulco, let's get oriented to where we were and the geographic relationships among the places we visited.  Not having a window seat on the flight down, I turned to Google Earth for aerial views.  In the straight-down view below, the Fairmont resort golf courses are the green patches near the lower right corner.

Straight-down view of Acapulco Bay, Port Marques, and the Fairmont resorts
Note that the Acapulco Bay opening faces almost directly south, and the general coastline faces SSW.

Same area but viewed at an angle from out to sea to show the topography surrounding Acapulco Bay.
The cliff divers, shown later, perform on the west coast in the lower left corner, near the word Acapulco.

Another angled view, with the Marques resort in the foreground and Acapulco in the distance.
The La Paz Chapel on the hill overlooking Acapulco Bay is the labeled blue circle.

Straight-down view of the Marques golf course, and part of the Princess course on the right.
Our housing, swimming pools, and main bar are about a third way over near the bottom of the picture.

A still-closer view of our housing and Marques facilities.  The bar building is between the two pools on the right.

It wasn't long after arriving Monday until most of us were enjoying drinks at the bar building.
Carolyn Bloom, Sallie and Gordon Carter, Chuck Bloom, Don Stressman

Jean ?, Sharon and Wendell Meyer, Joyce Maddox (?)

Wendell Meyer, Joyce Maddox (?)

Mary Lindberg, Beth and Jerry Biagini, Neil Marshall

Heidi Estep, Johnetta and Don Daniels, Bob Estep

Larry ?, Duane and Cherie Mayfield, ?

Dennis and Judy Armstrong, ?, ?

Judy Armstrong, ?, ?, Larry ?

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