Lake Wildwood Week in Acapulco -- Part 3
Tour of the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Resort

February 7, 2007
Posted February 20, 2007
2007, Herbert E. Lindberg

This appears in front of the lobby.

Beautiful water feature in the main lobby

Another view in the main lobby

Close-up of the seated figure in the above picture

The lobby is also a central courtyard.

Stairway to the swimming pool behind the lobby and first hotel building

Cave structure and waterfall into the pool

Waterfall and pool bridge viewed from the cave

View looking back toward the hotel building from behind the swimming pool

Ornate bar and restaurant behind the pool

Another swimming pool farther into the Princess complex.

Access to the beach and cabaas is near this second pool

The two main hotel structures viewed from behind the second pool

Closer view of waterfall in the foreground of the above picture

Fountain and Mexican flag near the Hacienda (off right)

This beautiful water feature with suspension bridge appears while walking back to the main lobby (off right).

Flamingos rest near the water feature (just off the right side of the above picture).

Bridge and more waterfalls on the opposite side

Waterfalls viewed looking back after crossing the bridge

Turn slightly to the right to see both the waterfalls and the bridge.

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