Lake Wildwood Week in Acapulco -- Part 6
Sunset Cruise of Acapulco Bay, Part 1 of 2

February 10, 2007
Posted February 20, 2007
2007, Herbert E. Lindberg

A smaller boat shuttles us onto the cruise boat, because the cruise owners don't want to pay a dock fee.
The small boat was then moored off shore and picked up on our return for shuttled unloading.

Another group loads onto the shuttle.

Then the first of our group loaded: the shuttle is just about full as Don Daniels walks down the boarding stairs.

Vickie McVey and Sharon ? are very happy.

Herb and Mary Lindberg are just as happy -- new shirt bought at diving cliff.

Settled in on board: Duane & Cheri Mayfield, Heidi & Bob Estep, Sharon, Johnetta & Don Daniels, Mary Lindberg

Small boats fill Acapulco Harbor

Crop into the above picture for a closer view.

Acapulco fishing fleet:  you can probably get a good price on the Impala II.

Jim Knight cleverly drinks beer as he chats with Orene Sanders, while the bar tender mixes poisonous drinks.
(Without thinking, I had a couple mixed drinks with ice cubes -- I'm still sick nine days later.)

We pass the Dawn Princess as we head out of the harbor.

Judging by the birds, this returning fishing boat must have a good catch.

After passing the hotels/condominiums that line the north side of Acapulco Bay, we came to the
private mansions that cover the hillside below La Paz Chapel, whose cross you  see at the top of the picture.

Seagulls swooped around the boat looking for handouts.

More mansions lining the hillside

Still more mansions as the La Paz Chapel cross returns to clear view.

Mansions near the base of the hill at the shoreline.

Tilt up at same location to see cross and upper mansions.

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