Lake Wildwood Week in Acapulco -- Part 8
Final Golf Round and ILT Fiesta, Part 1 of 2

February 11, 2007
Posted February 20, 2007
2007, Herbert E. Lindberg

Pro shop at Fairmont Acapulco Princess Golf Course

John Murphy, Vickie McVey, Bob Lyman

Herb Lindberg switches with John Murphy

Bob Lyman displays near-perfect form with a drive straight and long.

Crop into that perfect form.

John Murphy shows good form and distance on a beautiful hole.

Herb Lindberg, same hole: straight and true, but not as long.

That evening at the ILT Fiesta: Marian & John Murphy, Jerry Berger & Pattie Cobb

Neil Marshall and Jean ?

Karen & Del Price

Ginger & Jack McGee

Sharon & Wendell Meyer, Don & Marilyn Stressman, Jerry Biagini

Beth Biagini, Carolyn Bloom, Charlotte Orren

Jerry Berger & Pattie Cobb
Sallie Carter, Herb & Mary Lindberg

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