Alaska Tour -- July 14-26, 2000
-- Preview of Coming Pages --

(Latest update: August 26, 2000, Herbert E. Lindberg)

I have about 600 pictures from our trip to Alaska and Washington state, 400 of which are from the Alaska tour. I'm now sorting through them to create concise web pages that summarize our trip. I intend to focus on the Alaska trip in the web pages and to communicate the rest of the trip by e-mail to friends interested in our visits in Washington, which I've already begun. This is a preliminary page to keep those on the tour updated on the coming Alaska web pages.

I start with a rough copy (digital photograph) of the group photograph that Jeff Walker gave to all the tour members. I've numbered each person to associate names with faces (the numbers are in more than one color simply to make them stand out against a varying background):

Group photo taken by photographer at the Seattle Westin Hotel
Those present for the group photo were (by numbers added to the photo):
1. Jim Hicks
2. Keith Gray
3. Margaret Gray
4. Barbara Couture
5. Barrie Couture
6. Dolores Oliver
7. Jack Oliver
8. Tony Colangelo
9. Lina Mack
10. Rosemary Browne
11. Dave Browne
12. Rocco Pagliaro
13. Natalie Pagliaro
14. Evelyn Paul
15. Dick Paul
16. Elaine Adamkiewicz
17. Gene Adamkiewicz
18. Jeff Walker
19. Phil Moss
20. Barbara Moss
21. Bill Carney
22. Delores Carney
23. Tom Klinger
24. Peter Clark
25. Mary Clark
26. Warren Reeves
27. Lucile Reeves
28. Bernice Kurchin
29. Virginia Klinger
30. Skip Anderson
31. Penny Gannon
32. Carol Anderson
33. Betty Emerich
34. Ed Emerich
35. Mary Lindberg
36. Herb Lindberg
37. Les Lee
38. Sally Lee
39. Angelo Donofrio
40. Mary Lou Donofrio
Those not present for the photo were:
41. Irene Murphy
42. Rita Murphy
43. Mary Barrett

For those who are counting, that's 42 on the tour, plus Tour Director Jeff Walker makes 43. If I have any of these names wrong, please let me know and I'll correct this listing.

With these preliminaries done, I'll whet your appetite for the excitement of the tour with a few thumbnails with links to pages having more and larger pictures plus text describing our adventures. At present, all of Web pages for which I show thumbnails below have been completed. Click on the thumbnails or the titles above them to go to the corresponding Web pages.

Note that the quality of the images is not nearly that of modern digital cameras. All photos were taken with an Agfa 1280 camera with a 0.7 megapixel sensor, the first widely available digital camera in 1997. Current cameras have at least 16 megapixels, about 10 times the resolution.

Space Needle in Seattle Skyline Alaska Pipeline in Fairbanks
Gold panning with Andy Wescott Goldstream Dredge No. 8
Fun at Alaskaland River trip on a real stern wheeler
Athapascan girl at Chena Village Animals in Denali National Park
Airplane for flight of a lifetime Colliding glaciers from airplane
Remaining tour pages
(Page under construction)
Remaining tour pages
(Page under construction)


This gets me a little less than half way through the collection of 400 photographs. I'll continue this process to the end of the photo folders.

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