Visit to Bob's Family in Aurora
August 29 to September 2, 2006
Posted September 3, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

Mary and I got a call from brother Bob Lindberg on Monday, August 7th.  I happened to be out with my buddies on our regular Monday golf round and missed the call.  The next morning I called back and talked with Susanne as well as Bob.  I was able to understand Bob very clearly but he was having to force his words out rapidly with what little air he could gasp with each breath.  Mary said the reason Bob called us and also Larue was that he wanted to be sure to talk with us before any sudden deterioration in his health.  It was obvious from his speech that such deterioration had taken place, so as soon as I hung up I fired up my computer and made plane reservations to Chicago, leaving on August 29th.

Doug & Tanya and Susanne & Dennis made a wonderful 5-day visit for me by taking me into their homes in Aurora.  I present here 15 of the pictures I took during the visit, along with brief comments.  A more complete story of the visit has to await another time.  The pictures are simply in chronological order.

Bob is getting loving care from Susanne and Dennis.

Closer view of Susanne.  Can you believe she's a grandmother?

Doug and Tanya's back yard.  They put me up in the bedroom Bob used before his recent downturn.

One of many spots to visit in this huge party house

24/7 caretaker Jun wheels Bob up the new ramp at Susanne and Dennis's

A huge catalpa tree on one of my daily walks at Susanne and Dennis's place on Downer Drive

One of their favorite vintage homes (circa 1900) along Downer Dr.

The flyer on this nearby home listed it at $300,000.

Susanne and Dennis's home with the ramp that was installed on my last day

Sharon and her daughter Amanda at the party given by Tanya on my last evening

Bob's Julia with Tanya's sister Joyce

Bob and me nearby

Got a quick smile from Amanda but Julia's Hanna covered her face

Maddie, Sharon's Declan, and Jessie on Doug & Tanya's patio

Sharon's Jake and Julia's (can't remember)
As you can see, the names came at me too thick and fast to remember all of them.  I'm still trying to resurrect Julia's boy here.  The name Kevin comes to mind but a clear memory is hidden behind the fog of incipient senility.

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