Craig, Jodie, and Tyler Visit, June 23-25, 2001
(Posted June 26, 2001 © Herbert E. Lindberg)

Craig, Jodie and Tyler came to visit this weekend to see Pete Hanson and Roy Applequist about plans for building their house. Sunday afternoon I joined Craig and Jodie for a meeting at their Nevada City lot with Pete and Roy. This was the first time they got into the details of the site plan and home construction. Craig went away with lots of homework to do on specifying details needed for a formal bid, which should be completed early this Fall. Pete and Roy suggested that the garage be moved to a location on the side setback and between the house and American Hill Road. After grading, this will put the garage at about the same level as the house and greatly reduce grading costs compared with Craig's original location for the garage.

But most of our time was spent playing in and around the beach next to our ski and pontoon boat docks on Lake Wildwood. On one occasion, while Craig and Tyler were playing in the sand and splashing in the water, I snapped the following pictures (selected from a larger group, of course):

Building Sand Castle

Playing with Sand Castle

Preparing to Destroy


Meanwhile, Mary watches from the patio.

Happy Craig

A few seconds later: happy Tyler!

Jodie gives canoe boarding commands.

Craig and Tyler paddle past dock.

Jodie, Craig and Tyler are on their way.

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