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Lake Wildwood Lindberg Family Activities
Prior to 2006

This page is a hub to older photo reviews of Herb and Mary Lindberg family activities, to supplement e-mail communications with our friends. Newer photos are in pages in the links near the top of the list below. Others continue in order, latest on top. These family activities may interest a more general audience as examples of other fun things to do in the Gold Country foothills. Old pictures scanned from 35-mm slides or film camera prints are posted via an Old Photos Hub.

Christmas at The Resort, Part 3
December 27, 2005, Barbara

Christmas at The Resort, Part 4
December 29, 2005, Craig

Christmas at The Resort, Part 1
December 23, 2005, Craig

Christmas at The Resort, Part 2
December 25, 2005, Dave

Kona Kai Visit at Imamoto's
May 1, 2005, Outside

Kona Kai Visit at Imamoto's
May 1, 2005, Inside

Tyler's Birthday -- Outside
April 23, 2005

Tyler's Birthday -- Inside
April 23, 2005

Christmas at The Resort
December 27, 2004, Part 1

Christmas at The Resort
December 27, 2004, Part 2

Backhoe at Craig and Jodie's
March 7, 2004

Lunch at Rainbow Lodge
January 4, 2004

Visit to Stilsons, August 9-11, 2003 Canon 10D Pictures, May 25, 2003

Late Christmas: December 26, 2002  
and January 10, 2003

Courtney Learns to Wakeboard
July 21, 2002

Our Second Christmas
December 27, 2001

Craig, Jodie, Tyler in Snow
December 23, 2001

Craig, Jodie, Tyler: Early Xmas
December 22 2001

Annual September Get-Together
Start in Old Town Sacramento, 2001

Craig, Jodie, Tyler visit
June 23-25, 2001

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Snow Fun, February 11, 2001 Late Christmas with Dave's family.

Easter 2000 Activities at
Lindberg Lake Wildwood Resort

Spring 2000 Visit to
Val & Sandy in Cupertino

Visit at Don's in Redwood City

1999 Nevada City Bicycle Classic (June 13)
Relax and Warm Up Men's Masters Criterium

1999 Trip to Murphys (April 23-26)
Rose Bud Inn, Big Trees Park Wine Tasting

Spring 1999 Opening Days on Lake Wildwood
April 17 April 18

Easter Sunday, April 4, 1999
Easter Morning Easter Egg Hunt Yuba River Hike

Effects of the February 8-9, 1999 Storm
Submerged Dock; Fairway Lake Rooster Tail Below Dam

Long's Challenge Golf Tournament from Don Anderson's
October 3, 2002

Boob Fun

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