Coker-Watson Visit -- Tennis
(Posted on the Internet September 29, 1998)

Saturday morning (September 26) the Watsons, Cokers, and Mary and I drove around the lake to the two tennis courts next to the marina and baseball diamond, to play with Raleigh and Sylvia Nielsen. It had drizzled that night, so when we arrived Sylvia and Raleigh were buzy squeegying the courts. Herb, Bob and Val took over the chore and then the sun came out enough that in a half hour we were playing.

Bob demonstrates the diverging spiral technique.
Here's the group sans Herb, who's taking the picture.
Raleigh took this one, a wobbly new digital camera experience.
(The picture is fuzzy from camera motion and then severe cropping
at the computer after uploading.)
Raleigh's a great guy, especially with the girls!
Again with Mary; see what I mean.
Val played with this cool cap.
Joan and Sandy, watching Bob getting the last wet spots.
This is just to prove I was there.
Joan and Mary, squinting in the unfamiliar sunlight.
Sylvia and Bob get ready for Raleigh and Joan.

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