Pagels Clan Visit -- October 8-10, 1998

Gus and Marcia, and Harry and Carol, made the long trek to visit us and partake of the vacation resort atmosphere. The three days went by in a flash, even though we mostly just visited on the deck and by the fireplace, watched video movies in the evenings (a Pagels ritual), cruised the lake, and went on another tour of the Empire Mine. On Friday night Gus and Harry took us all out to dinner at the Trolly Junction restaurant in Nevada City.

I've shrunk the 1024 x 768-pixel originals down to 360 x 270-pixel small versions (35% size, and also highly compressed) in deference to those of us still on the net at 28 Kbaud. If you spot a few pictures that you would like to see in the original larger size at about three times the resolution you see here (for viewing, or even printing if you're so equiped), let me know and I'll e-mail them to you or add them as click-to's in this web page (this would be for viewing only, unless you let me know you want to print them, in which case I'll use less file compression). I give an example at 75% size at the bottom of this page.

Here's the gang, sans Herb. The ladies, from the same spot in our front yard.
Carol, Marcia, Mary: in kitchen Mary shows off her refrigerator.
We did a lot of this. Closer view of Mary and Carol
Harry and Mary ham it up. More, but with Mary's eyes open
The three old farts The Pagels, looking good
Gus and Harry drink to that. In bright sun at Empire Mine

Here's an example of a larger version, at 75% size rather than the 35% size in all of the above pictures:

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