Pagels Clan Visit -- October 8-10, 1998

On Friday, October 9, we toured the Empire Mine. All of the pictures below were taken on the grounds of the Bourne Cottage. As you recall, Bourne was the mine superintendant, whose home was in San Francisco where his wife lived while he tended to the mine. He built the "cottage" to persuade his wife to spend time in Grass Valley with him. The mine tunnels extend under and beyond the old-town portion of Grass Valley.

I didn't get to take any pictures of the mine because I filled the camera's 4 Mb chip before we left the cottage. (Since then I got a second chip and a spare set of batteries, so I can take 24 pictures at high resolution or 48 pictures at this intermediate resolution.) As in the first page of this visit, I give a selected picture at 75% size rather than 35% size as in the rest.

The gang on path to Bourne Cottage Close up, to better show faces
Bourne Cottage with sun behind a cloud Closer view, with the sun out
Rear side view of cottage California Pagels & better halves
Rear view from rose garden Mary peaks from statue opening
Marcia in the statue opening Mary and Harry relax with front garden
Mary admires model T Fords Herb liked this red one.
Gus and his rubber mouth The better side of Gus, with Marcia

Here's the group in a 75% version:

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