Pictures from Hike with Craig and Jodi
Sunday, April 19, 1998
Spenceville Falls, 20 miles mostly west from Lake Wildwood

Here we are on the trail.
Craig is taking the picture (movies, actually)
Lots of lush grass, rolling hills, and trees

Mary and Herb in Meadow Hawk circling; we must be walking too slowly.

These are called "Blue Dick" --- Honest!
(Must have been named by an Alaskan; Brr!)
The hillsides were full of poppies.

Spenceville Falls, at hike terminus
It's nice to have such things close to home.
Lunch on the river, just below the falls.
(Those aren't my shorts hanging out. If you
look closely it's a fanny pack with yellow top.)

Jodi at parking area after hike Jodi, Mary and Herb at our van

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