Craig and Jodie came to Lake Wildwood with new son Tyler on July 18, 19.
Dave also came, with Nik and Courtney. Then came Andy and Maddie.

Yahoo, Craig and Jodie came up over the weekend to show off new son Tyler and enjoy some swimming and water skiing. Jodie had to stay ashore because of the spider bite she got on her last day in Moscow before coming home. It was a recluse spider bite, which can be lethal. She lost some flesh where she sits down and has lots of pain, but eventually she'll be OK, perhaps with some reconstructive surgery.

Dave came the same weekend with Nik and Courtney, so we all had a great time together. Later, Andy came up with Maddie, stayed two days, and left Maddie with us for the week. Dave also left Nik and Courtney. We're now still enjoying having the grandchildren with us. The parents will come up to retrieve them this coming weekend, July 25, 26.

The pictures below are a few Craig shot with his video recorder to give you a feel for some of the things we did. He had lots of water skiing shots but you know how those look: small fuzzy skier from a bouncing boat, so I tossed them.

Dave on boat between ski outings Mary & Courtney in lake next to our dock

Mary and Courtney Nik between swims

More Nik Nik now swims from dock to shore,
without the life vest!

Nik & Courtney in the boat-tow tube Nik being towed in tube

Look Ma, one hand! Tyler in high chair

Tyler at hearth in living room Tyler is always cheery like this

Tyler and Craig on lawn to lake I guess Jodie took these pictures.

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