Sony Mavica Pictures

Here are 12 Pictures taken in June with a Sony Mavica 640x480 digital camera borrowed from John and Jackie Tindall (Helen Moulton's brother and sister-in-law). This was a test drive of the camera, from which I concluded that 640x480 resolution is not fine enough for general purpose photographs. However, it's a fine camera and stores its pictures on floppy disks, which makes "film" dirt cheap and downloading to a computer very convenient.

Mary on our deck Herb
Patio and ski boats Better picture of patio boat
Mary on front platform of boat Mary close up
Smiling Herb Bigger smile
Nik Lindberg and Michelle Moulton
(Like the pictures below, this is
a picture of a film picture.)
Hats on our hall tree
Fivesome after Herb's hole in one:
Jim Moulton, Linda Willsey, Herb,
Dub Willsey, and Helen Moulton
Same group on Patio boat

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