Pictures of Tyler from Craig -- August 16, 1998

I let Craig introduce the pictures in his own words from his e-mail:

I'm dropping a quick note to let you know I was thinking of you.

Tyler is sitting on the floor wondering what I'm doing and why I'm not playing with him. I think he wants to go on a walk to the park. What do you think?

Since you don't get to see him every day, I wanted to drop off a couple of quick snapshots so you can see how he's doing. He's very close to walking now and has invented many strange new sounds that he can make.

Anyway, there's a set of pictures here I would call the "sandwich dance". He was eating yesterday (Saturday) and I never knew how entertaining a little sandwich can be. I think he even ate some of it.

Also there's a shot of him working on his walking and finally a shot of him this morning by the back door. Not very good, but it's hot off the press, so what the heck.

Hope you're doing well.


-Craig and Jodie

Tyler at back door Look, Mom, I've got a sandwich.
Oh boy, I'll bet it's yummy! Hah! You can't have it.
'Cause I'm going to eat it. Standing (well, leaning)

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