Pictures of Tyler from Craig -- October 12, 1998
(Posted here October 24; sorry about the delay)

As for his previous batch of pictures, I let Craig introduce them in his own words from his e-mail:

Jodie and I have been taking video of Tyler now and then, and I thought you might be interested to see how he's doing. Attached are 12 compressed images (JPG) which are BinHex encoded. I took the liberty of assuming you have bandwidth and disk space for this kinda thing. If not, get a new computer, ask for more space from your ISP, buy a DSL or Cable Modem, and join the 20th century.
Note from Herb: I edited the pictures down to 8, and also called our ISP to increase our disk space from 5 Mb to 10 Mb for an extra $1.25 a month. I did this not because of these particular pictures but because the accumulation of pictures in this web site is approaching the 5 Mb limit and I think it's too soon to toss out some of the older ones.


Here are a few pictures of Tyler with his favorite food in the world, "Ba-Ba!". Bikes, boats, and anything nearby might be called "ba-ba", but bananas were the first. Other then "mama" and "papa" which are unfortunately interchangable, I would consider "ba-ba" Tyler's first real word. We've now got "caw-caw" (cracker), "uck" (duck), and several others I couldn't begin to spell.


Jodie and I started sending Tyler back-and-forth to each other across the kitchen several weeks ago. No, we didn't throw him. Sheesh. He was learning to walk. Every day we could sit farther and farther apart. This image of Tyler isn't very flattering, but it's among his first few hundred steps.


A month ago we put up a swing in the backyard. It hangs from a branch about 15 feet off the ground so we can really get the boy moving. Hee-hee. Tyler just loves that swing, but mama-papa gotta be careful not to ram him into the fence.


Next are a series of pictures from the backyard last week (early October). "Look hands!" Yep, Tyler is now an official toddler. Look out world: I can walk, run, and do face-plants. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

Banging1.JPG (dark image artificially brightened)

From Herb: This is one I edited out, but left the text 'cause it was fun.

Tyler is getting into heavy metal. Two wooden spoons and few pie tins are all ya need for some rythm. He also loves head- banging melodies: Dad's head makes a great base drum. Yeeeeowww!

Hope you're doing well. Jodie and I are having the time of our lives.

Love, Craig and Jodie

Thanks, Mom, bananas are yummy. Well, I got most of it in my mouth.
Wheee! Look Mom, no hands. Swinging is even more fun than walking.
I love you, Mommy and Daddy. I bet you can't push me even higher!
Hey, Dad, what's going on here? Aww Mom, I'm just pulling your leg.

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