Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The photo below was taken Sunday morning, Dec. 6, 1998, and yes, that's snow on our rooftop, yard, and hills across the lake in the background. This seemed appropriate for a Christmas letter so Craig snapped this during his visit with Jodie and new son Tyler (see flip side web page). Dave and Micki and children Nik and Courtney visited the previous week and hence the other two pictures. Barbara and Andy and children Nadia and Maddie are planning to visit between Christmas and New Years, my first chance to snap them.

As you can see the new house is done and we're happily enjoying the good life at Lake Wildwood. We still have lots of little things to finish but the home has already served us well to entertain friends and family for weekend visits. On occasion we've filled all three extra bedrooms and downstairs family room with two families. We're still looking forward to a visit by Julie and friend Phyllis, but travel is difficult for them.

Mary is still active with bridge and tennis and I eat up scads of time playing golf. I've also kept busy doing consulting work, to the extent that the Social Security earnings limit allows. Our "Graybeard" team is now negotiating a three-year extension of the program with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

For those who haven't heard, this June Craig and Jodie flew to Tomsk, Siberia, to pick up Tyler Andrey from the orphanage. Craig showed us video pictures that confirmed Tyler is the cutest and most alert of the 35 children at the orphanage. He has a ready smile and loves the games Craig plays with him. Last week he learned to throw rocks into the lake and help drive the golf cart. It's a far cry from his bleak life in Tomsk.

The other grandchildren are also fine. Courtney loves kindergarten but won't admit it because Nik doesn't much like third grade - hates the homework. Maddie likes second grade more and more now that she's comfortable speaking out in class. Nadia is sweet 16 and heavily active in band, honors courses, and now going out with "boys." As a result the Heninger family schedule gets more complex each year.

Herb and Mary with Snow in Lake Wildwood!

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