Dick Greene, 65 on July 4, 2001
(Posted July 8, 2001 © Herbert E. Lindberg)

Dick Greene celebrated his 65th birthday this July 4. He and Sandy invited Lake Wildwood friends to join them at their home across the lake from the fireworks display. Here are a few random shots taken during the evening before the fireworks started.

If you want to print any of these pictures, right click on the picture and then click on "Save Picture as ..." to save the file to your computer. Then print the picture with the software of your choice. Most of these files will print at high resolution at a size of about 4 x 3 inches. I can create files suitable for printing at sizes up to 10 x 8 inches if you drop me a note at Type address in this graphic. Specify each picture you want, and the width at which you want to print it. For example: picture 1909 at 5-inch width. (Right click on a picture and then click on Properties to get the picture number from its file name, which also includes the approximate size of a printed version of this file.)

Friends on the Patio

Left to Right: Jack, Steve, Fran, Dick, Cal, Ginger

Left to Right: Jack, Steve, Michelle, Fran, Dick

Michelle and Vickie

All Smiles

Joan, Mary and Mary

Bob and Jack, Kathleen in foreground

Smiles of Satisfaction

Linda and Dub get the straight scoop from Maddie.

More satisfied smiles in the magic chairs

Happy 4th at Park Place

The good life in Lake Wildwood

Moonlight before fireworks.

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