Kona Kai Gang at Dick & Sandy Greene's
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(Posted May 20, 2001, © Herbert E. Lindberg)

A group of Kona Kai folks who live in Sun City Roseville came up to Lake Wildwood this weekend for a little golf, boat tours on the lake, and mostly to get together with us Wildwooders to renew old friendships and have some fun. The grand finale was drinks and dinner at the Greene's on the lake. On this page and the next I post 20 snapshots I took of this event.

These pages are concerned mainly with Kona Kai folks, so to provide a degree of privacy they are not linked from my home page. However, you can get from these pages to the home page with my usual links at the bottom of the pages. I'll leave these two pages on the Web site for a month or so for those who want to see them and perhaps download pictures of particular interest. Any of you not familiar with how to save pictures from a Web page to individual files on your computer can contact me via e-mail Type address in this graphic and I'll reply with the simple step-by-step procedure.

Bob Coker and Ken Coyne enjoy some wine.
(Bob saw this and said, "Too bad about that overhead lighting!")

Dick Greene and Roy Stearns chat while
Jackie Coyne prepares hors d'oeuvres in the Greene's kitchen.

Dick Greene with Barbara and Roy Stearns.

Same group with camera flash turned off.

Dick Greene and Mary Scott share spotlight with flower arrangement.

Steve Moyer explains something interesting to Sandy Greene.

Bob Lowery comes in late on this one.
Bob Coker is still drinking.

Linda Willsey nurses her Jumbo Margarita with an equally relaxed Scottie.

Dub Willsey really did hit a dead-on darts bulls eye.

Mary Lindberg and Bob Lowery ham it up at lakeside.

Dub Willsey and Bob Lowery as we depart on the evening lake tour.

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