LPGA at Don and Santa Andersons
Photos taken Friday, October 3, 2003
2003, Herbert E. Lindberg

This year the Long's Challenge LPGA tournament was held at Lincoln Hills golf course because Twelve Bridges is in the process of extensive remodeling. Don and Santa Anderson, long-time friends from the Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club, have a new home in Lincoln Hills that overlooks the 7th hole, with excellent views of the tee box, green and fairway on this 160-yard hole. They invited a group to enjoy the tournament and a barbeque in their yard.

View across 7th fairway from Anderson's lawn.
The golfers came to the 7th tee either through the tunnel under Dell Web Blvd in the above picture or over and across the boulevard to the left of the tunnel. The tee box is out of view on the left.

A tournament player lines up her tee shot to the green.

Another view, cropped in still further.
Although the tee box was nicely in view, it was a bit too far away for us to recognize players even with binoculars. It didn't help that the volunteers who carried the player plaques often set them down behind the commercial sign on the tee box, as in the picture below where it is upside down as well as being behind the sign! Still, we eventually learned who the players were as they and the plaques marched down the fairway in front of us.

Typical beautiful swing of a lady golfer.
We could only guess that this was Kim, from the upside down sign.

The green was also nicely in view, but partially hidden by un-trimmed grass-like hedge puffs along the side of the golf course property. If you were seated on a lawn chair the green was completely hidden.

View of 7th green from Anderson's lawn
However, if you gingerly walked through the thirty feet or so border of lower-lying puff grass you could get beyond the large puffs for a good view of the green even while seated.

 Ladies on the green, viewed from beyond the untrimmed hedge.

Bob Coker and Steve Moyer enjoying the above view of the green.

As the day progressed, various men picked their way down to this seating area. It wasn't long before bets were being made left and right about whether or not someone in the group teeing off would make a birdie. The green sloped severely from right to left (right being closest to us) and had thick rough and a bunker on the right. Most of the golfers landed short or to the left of the green. The best shots landed near or on the front edge and rolled up to the pin.

Roy Stearns, Bob Coker and Steve Moyer taking a turn in the front-row seats.

Meanwhile, Dick Greene paced back and forth from tee to green, to get a better view
and to also work off some of the extensive dips and breads available all day.
Throughout the day Don and Santa's beautiful daughter Karen dashed around mixing and serving drinks. What a wonderful way to spend a day of very pleasant weather (except for getting on the scale the next day!).

Karen and her friend Mark, who took videos of the event.

Anderson's daughter Kathy arrived later but I didn't get a picture of her -- damn! These Andersons really have beautiful children, and why not, of course.

Karen with one of her cheerful smiles.

Sandy Greene, Mary Moyer, Mary Lindberg and Joan Coker
watched the goings on from the wall on the Anderson property line.

The distaff side didn't get into the golf to the extent of the men, and spent much of their time chatting on the patio.

Mary Lindberg and Millie Warner, who lives across the street.

Barbara Stearns and Santa Anderson (another neighbor in the background)

Poppa Don, watching Karen barbeque sausages to perfection. 

Karen succeeded in cooking the sausages without burning her hand.
We've got to chip up and get the Andersons a longer pair of tongs!

While Karen cooked several of us had fun putting on Don's pad.
Here, Joan Coker and Steve Moyer show their form.

Soon after, we sat down to eat those sausages, along with potato salad and more deserts than you can imagine. As I sit here typing I can feel my middle pressing out against my belt. After diner we watched the Giants blow a game to the Marlins -- can you believe six errors? It was a nice day enjoyed by everyone. Thank you Andersons (all four of you) from all of us.

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