Late Christmas with Dave, Mickie, Nik and Courtney
Saturday-Sunday February 17-18, 2001

(Posted the same day, Herbert E. Lindberg)

Dave and Mickie and their kids spent Christmas 2000 in snowy Normal, Illinois with Mickie's Mom and Dad. Then Mary and I were off to Hawaii from January 7-15, I had to go on a business trip January 30 to February 2, Mary had her foot operation on February 8, and so on. As a result, this weekend is the first that we could get together to let Nik and Courtney open their presents. I think Mary was just as excited to open them as the kids were.

Courtney waits to open her presents.

Nik in position to begin opening.

You can see that the more important presents were so big that we just put them into large shipping cartons from our store room downstairs.

Nik decides to wait until Courtney opens a present.

Courtney likes her Pastel Gels.

Nik explains how his new model train transformer will work.  The big, empty
cardboard box behind Nik had been full of Courtney's doll house furniture.

Courtney's doll house and furniture.

Courtney and her doll house.

After dinner, Courtney made this huge sunday with a brownie on top.
She stuffed herself but couldn't finish it.
Grandpa put it into the frig and Courtney ate ice cream soup for breakfast desert.

Nik plays with his new track, controller, and switches.

Crop-in from above picture.
Grandpa loves to hear Nik sound the blast horn and warning bell.

Sunday night dinner -- note that Dave's plate is empty and I haven't started
(vacant place at head of table). Many mouths were too full to get ready for "Smile."

I gave them another moment and snapped again -- still a riot!
Obviously I was in a hurry to eat at least warm food (certainly not hot).

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