Sledding Near Rt. 20 and the Washington Turnoff
(Pictures taken February 21, 2006, posted February 22, 2006)
2006  Herbert E. Lindberg

Andy and Barbara drove up last Saturday to bring Maddie to stay the week, and picked up Courtney on their way because she was also on school vacation. Then Dave drove up with Nik on Monday for the same reason. Andy and Barbara returned to the Bay Area on Sunday after only a two-day stay, knowing that Dave would bring all the children back with him early Friday morning.

That explanation is to set the stage for why Dave and I and the three grandkids were together to take the kids sledding yesterday. I drove our new RAV4 to my work at the Nevada County Government Center first thing in the morning, and then Dave drove his Expedition with the grandkids to meet me there at 11 a.m. after my first meeting (I took leave from the second meeting because the grandkids come up only a few times a year). We all hopped into the RAV4 because it has all-wheel / 4-wheel drive to get out of a possibly snow-filled parking area.

Scenic outlook from the parking lot

Dave, Courtney, Nik and Maddie embark on the short trail to the sled run.

Dave, Courtney and Maddie contemplate the sled run.
Nik had already zoomed down on the saucer, out of sight around to the left.

Courtney starts her way down on the sled.
She just let out all the stops and found there was an 18-inch snowboard jump part way down.
She returned in a bit of pain, but it didn't last long.

Nik on his way down again, spinning as he goes

Courtney takes a breather to drink a cup of water.

Meanwhile, Maddie had been giving some thought to going down the run, but wasn't rushing.
She finally decided to go, so Dave is tucking her long flowing hair down her jacket.

Maddie, just as she was about to push off down the hill

Dave asks, "How was your run?"

Nawh, that was a joke. She really liked it and took several more runs.

Between runs by the kids Dave took a few trips, too.

Later, Grandpa (that's me) walked off along
another trail to look at the beautiful pines and snow.

Dave found this stump for a quick rest. Grandpa stood 
for the entire two hours. The car seat felt good after that.

Nik, about to push off on one of his final runs.

After a few runs down the big slide, Courtney decided she liked a short crosswise run at the top (shorter walk up!).

Here she accelerates down the short, steep starting hill.

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