Snow in Lake Wildwood and Nevada City
Photos taken and posted March 12, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

We got a little snow yesterday morning, but not much. It was supposed to snow last night, but during the night I could hear a light rainfall landing on our deck, so I thought that was it for snow this time around. A bit after 6 a.m. I dialed into the frost line at our golf course and was surprised to hear the announcement that the course would be closed today because of snow. I popped out of bed, slid back the blinds on our bedroom doors, and sure enough, we had about an inch of snow covering our deck and the hills across the lake. I put on my coat and slippers, grabbed my camera, went out on the front porch, and was greeted by 8 deer scrounging for food.

Deer scrounging for food in the snow along our driveway.

View of deck, lake, and snow-covered hills across the lake
After snapping these pictures out the front and back of the house, I did my exercises, took a shower, dressed, and headed up the driveway to get the Sunday paper. At the top of the driveway I looked back to snap a couple pictures of our snow-covered house.

Our house from the parking area at the top of our driveway, lake in background

Another shot, with the house framed by snow-tipped redwood trees

View up Chaparral Drive from the parking area atop our driveway

After breakfast we got a call from Craig, telling us they had 4 inches of snow in Nevada City and he and Jodie were about to enjoy a one-mile walk into town to see the snow-covered roads and picturesque Old Town Nevada City covered by snow. Not long afterward we headed up to visit them. With some effort, I talked Mary into taking a few pictures on the way.

Highway 20/49 as we approached Nevada City

View up Broad Street as we approached the Bennett Street turnoff toward Craig and Jodie's

Craig and Jodie's house as we approached on American Hill Road

Their house was really covered by snow.

Closer view, with more snow falling

Snow covered deck with garage in the background

Craig demonstrates sledding down a hill in front of their house ...

... and climbs back smiling.

Then Craig took Mary and me on a walk up American Hill Road toward town, around a gate across the road with a "No Trespassing" sign, and onto a 28-acre lot owned by a friend. Everything was covered by 4 inches of snow, and trails on the property lead to breathtaking views over cliffs at the edge of old hydraulic mining canyons.

Craig and Mary on the neighbor's lot

Herb and Mary with snow falling

When we got back to the house Jodie made coffee and we sat eating snacks for a half hour.

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