Tyler's 8th Birthday -- Inside
Photos taken April 23, posted May 3, 2005
2005, Herbert E. Lindberg

Tyler's birthday inside was considerably more conventional than the Indiana Jones Treasure Hunt outside. (A long-time friend's reply after reading the Outside page began, "What ever happened to Pin the Tail on the Donkey?" He thought the treasure hunt was great fun, of course, and wonders what Craig and Jodie were going to do on Tyler's 9th -- so do they!). On this rainy, muddy day the inside party took place almost entirely in Tyler's downstairs playroom, although some of the boys escaped now and again to play with the toys in Tyler's bedroom upstairs.

The boys' whirlwind activity was impossible to capture in any well-composed picture.
Note in this early shot that the toys are fairly well organized, on the floor and on the shelves.

How about that, Tyler is facing the camera! An instant later he had dashed across the room.

Jodie takes two yummy pizzas out of the oven.

The first pizza is half gone by the time Jodie carries the second down from the kitchen.

A slice of cheese pizza about to disappear.

Tyler makes a wish before blowing out the candle.

Max digs into the chocolate cake, layered with ice cream.

This Star Wars book is an instant hit as Tyler opens his presents.

Several boys join in to read the book -- for a few milliseconds.

Mary ducks an attack by a jet fighter.

As the party winds down, every toy is scattered upside down or in pieces on the floor
(war toys, remember, after many attacks) and the shelves are almost empty.
As the boys packed up to go home they all told Tyler this was the best birthday party ever. Tyler agreed.

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