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As a supplement to the straight pictorial Web page reports that comprise the bulk of this Web site, I'm now posting here a few features in the form of video slide shows with zoom and pan action (think Ken Burns' Civil War series made mainly with still pictures) and music. These tend to be an order of magnitude larger (longer download times) than the straight still photographs, ranging from 6 to 40 MB per show -- the size of each show is noted at the download link.  This new feature follows the widespread availability of broadband connections by readers, and large website storage on my site.  To my knowledge, the shows play only on Windows PC machines, not on Unix or Mac operating systems.

Unlike the small-size or low definition movie clips on You Tube and other commercial sites, the videos here are full screen at high definition (1024x768 pixels) because they are created "on the fly" by Photodex software, with high definition still photographs as input.  You must therefore be aware that you are downloading photos that have been integrated into  executable files.  Unfortunately, "exe" files are being used by vicious, pathological criminals and terrorists to spread viruses, so your security software (for example, Norton anti-virus) will alert you to confirm that the file comes from a reliable source.  I can only tell you that Photodex is a reputable software vendor and I'm a sincere supplier of virus-free web-based content.

To download a show, right click on its link below and select "Save target as ..." from the resulting menu box.  For Foxfire browsers, the term is "Save link as..."  Each show is in an executable file created by trusted software (ProShow Gold, made by Photodex Corp.  While a show is running you can use the following "hot keys":

         Space bar           Pause,  Resume

         Page Down          Jump to next slide

         Page Up              Jump to previous slide

         Esc                     Return to opening screen

         Esc                     Exit program


Penn Valley Rodeo Parade
May 19, 2007

Posted May 28, 2007
2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

The Penn Valley Rodeo is an important event on the national rodeo circuit, held annually in the Penn Valley, CA  rodeo grounds behind the Fire Station on Spenceville Road near Pleasant Valley Road.  The second day (Saturday) of the three-day event features a parade of local rodeo enthusiasts along with Cub Scouts, Little League players, dancers, vintage tractors, horse-drawn wagons, flag-bearing horsewomen, and other enthusiasts whom you would expect in a local rodeo of friends and neighbors.  This 14-minute video slide show gives an intimate view of the participants and their love of the land and their horses.  Join in for a look at down-to-earth folks who are putting Penn Valley on the map.

Download Penn Valley Rodeo Parade
(58 MB file,  show duration 14 minutes)

Tours and Golf in Acapulco
Lake Wildwood Group

Posted May 6, 2007
2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

Each Spring, Jim Knight, head golf pro at the Lake Wildwood Golf Course, arranges for a week of touring and golf in a tropical resort with excellent golfing facilities.  This year a group went to the El Marques Resort in Acapulco, Mexico, from February 5 to 12, 2007.  Four videos recall a brief story of the fun and sights in Acapulco.  The first sets the location of Acapulco in Mexico and the resorts in Acapulco, and shows Lake Wildwood members enjoying social and golf activities.  The next three are highlights of tours we took in and around Acapulco, of interest to a more general audience from start to finish.

Download Part 1.  Social and Golf Activities
(21 MB file,  show duration 6:00 minutes)

Download Part 2.  Tours of El Marques and Princess Resorts
(25 MB file, show duration 7:00 minutes)

Download Part 3.  Acapulco City Tour
(18 MB file,  show duration 5:00 minutes)

Download Part 4.  Sunset Cruise
(26 MB file,  show duration 8:46 minutes)

Nevada County Fair

Posted March 5, 2007
2004-2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

The Nevada County Fairgrounds are the most beautiful in California, if not the United States.  The weather can sometimes be hot in mid-August when the fair takes place, but with most exhibits nestled in the tall pines of the spacious fairgrounds there is always plenty of shade to stay comfortable.  And there is always plenty to do and see, from animal competitions to stage shows, crafts, art, photography, yarn spinning and weaving, quilts, railroad models, hobbies of all kinds, food competitions and food to eat, carnival booths and rides, and on and on.  This video gives a small taste of the fair, to whet your appetite or jog your memory of great times at the Fairgrounds.

Download Nevada County Fair
(32 MB file,  show duration 8:14 minutes)

Lake Wildwood Yacht Club
2006 July 4th Boat Parade

Posted January 28, 2007
2006-2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

Each year the Lake Wildwood Association and the Lake Wildwood Yacht Club organize a boat parade as part of the annual all-day July 4th celebration.  This year, boat parade organizers Ray Gutendorf and Joan Bachus put on an exceptional event, with thirty competing boats along with Sheriff's and Lake Wildwood escort boats.  This video shows all the spectacular boat decorations, costumes, and enthusiastic antics of hundreds of participants, with moving patriotic music by the USAF Heritage of America Band pulling it all together into a tribute to our nation.

Download Boat Parade
(38 MB file,  show duration 12:10 minutes)

Nevada City Bicycle Classic
2006 Masters Men 35+/45+
Sierra Express Racing Team

Updated June 3, 2007
2006-2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

Members of the Sierra Express Racing Team, based in Nevada City, CA, participate in and often win many bicycle racing events throughout California each year.  On Father's Day, June 18, 2006, seven members of the team raced in the Nevada City Bicycle Classic, Masters Men 35+/45+ event.  None made it to the winners' stand this year, but all finished the event (a major accomplishment) and one placed 5th in the 45+ class, two slots away from the winners' stand.  This video focuses on these seven men and their highs, lows, pain, and ultimate satisfaction on completing the one-hour grueling event.

Note: I recommend you first view the video below to place the race in perspective.

Download Masters 35+/45+
(25 MB file,  show duration 6:51 minutes)

Nevada City Bicycle Classic
Annual Father's Day Event
Nevada City, California

Updated June 3, 2007
2003-2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

The nationally recognized Bicycle Classic is the second oldest continuous pro/am bicycle race in the United States, and one of the most thrilling annual events in Nevada City.  It takes place on a grueling 1.1-mile circuit through old-town streets with a 300 foot climb and hair raising drop to a 50 mph turn at Broad and Union Streets on every lap.  The all-day event begins with a citizen's ride for the whole family and ends five events later with world-famous professional men and women racing for important wins on the national tour.  Past winners include Greg LaMond, Lance Armstrong, Eric Heiden, and many other familiar names.  The video develops the atmosphere of the day's event and concludes with exciting moments from the women's and men's professional races.

Download Bicycle Classic
(19 MB file,  show duration 7:07 minutes)

Snow Scenes
Bellingham, Washington
Rainbow Lodge, California

Posted January 10, 2005
2005 Herbert E. Lindberg

This is a series of dramatic snow scenes put to music of the Christmas Ensemble singing "White as Snow" with the Good Shepard Community Church Orchestra. The instrumental music has an eerie majesty that fits perfectly with the early scenes, and then the voices come in as the scenes move to the second location. Highly recommended.

Download Snow Scene Show
(7.3 MB file,  show duration 1:53 minutes)

Victorian Christmas in Nevada City
(Pictures taken
December 21, 2003 and posted as stills,
and also December 22, 2004, posted as stills December 23, 2004)

Updated video show posted December 25, 2006
2006 Herbert E. Lindberg

This show takes you on the fun of a day and an evening at the annual street-fair celebration in the charming foothills Gold Rush town of Nevada City, about 40 miles north of Sacramento, CA. The day event shows the music and dancing and the evening event the Christmas lights on the store fronts along the length of Broad Street in the center of Old Town. Colorful booths with Christmas wares line both sides of the street and also provide interesting lighting and color. Many street musicians are playing, some participants come in Victorian costumes, a costumed chorus sings, and a living-statue manger scene add to the festivities. The show is accompanied by the Good Shepard Community Church Orchestra.

Download Victorian Christmas Show
(17.0 MB file,  show duration 6:22 minutes)

Mardi Gras in Nevada City
(Pictures taken February 6, 2005,
video show posted December 25, 2006)
2005-2006 Herbert E. Lindberg

Nevada City has many fun events in addition to the year-end celebration of Victorian Christmas.  Soon after a new year begins, Nevada County citizens in a wide area bustle in preparation for Mardi Gras.  The New Orleans spirit takes on another life as the streets of Nevada City come alive with music, dancing, costumes, and all forms of crazy antics.  Join with us for the revelry in this 8:41 minute video of action and music.

Download Mardi Gras Show
(33.4 MB file,  playing time 8:41 minutes)

Ronald W. Reagan
Presidential Library
(Pictures taken September 8, 2006,
video show posted December 26, 2006)
2006 Herbert E. Lindberg

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is located at 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California 93065, toll-free phone: 800-410-8354.  This 6:41-minute video is a quick tour through the grounds and main visitor areas of the museum, with the U.S. Marine Heritage Band playing in the background.  The museum scope and displays are well represented, to whet your appetite for a more extensive personal tour.  Their website is

Download Reagan Library Show
(17.1 MB file,  playing time 6:41 minutes)

Spring Wildflowers
South Yuba River State Park -- Bridgeport
(Photographs taken during Spring months of 2000 to 2005,
video show posted December 29, 2006)
2000 -- 2006 Herbert E. Lindberg

This show was created in 2005 as part of a six-show group entitled Nevada County Activities -- Book I.   The Victorian Christmas show listed above is also part of this series.  The video here is a feast for eyes and ears as the most beautiful of the wildflowers at Bridgeport fill the screen in vast fields and in zooming close-ups that show untold flower detail and insects having a meal as they pollinate, while music of Debussy and Mozart plays in the background.  You've never experienced wildflowers like this.

Download South Yuba River Wildflowers Show
(44.7 MB file,  playing time 13:12 minutes)

Living History Day
South Yuba River State Park -- Bridgeport
(Photographs taken during Spring months of 2003 to 2006,
video show updated and posted January 2, 2007)
2003 - 2007 Herbert E. Lindberg

This video show was originally created in 2005 as part of a six-show group entitled Nevada County Activities -- Book I.   The Spring Wildflowers show listed above is also part of this series.  Living History Day takes place on the last weekend of April, and is one of the most fun-filled days at the South Yuba River State Park.  Rangers and docents create a celebration of the Gold Rush era at Bridgeport by telling the stories of people who lived here, in first person as costumed characters, and by demonstrating their way of life and work.  This is accompanied by Gold Rush transportation-wagon displays, old-time cars, horse-drawn wagon rides, country music, hot dogs and sno-cones, displays and videos at Visitors Center, and trail hiking at the best time of year.

Download Living History Day Show
(21 MB file,  playing time 5:41 minutes)


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