Christmas 2001, Second Time
Posted December 28, 2001

Our second Christmas began with the arrival of Dave, Mickie, Nik and Courtney at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 26. Barbara, Andy, Nadia and Maddie arrived at 7, and we immediately sat down to Mary's Christmas Ham dinner. It was early to bed for almost everyone because of the long car rides and getting the dinner ready. Also, we wanted to be rested for the grand opening of presents the next morning.

The tree was all decorated, and . . .

the presents all wrapped. The kids were all ready and set to . . .

Go!!   Maddie, Courtney, and Nik all began ripping at once. 

A Kung Fu Hamster was a big hit with Maddie, with its silly song and twirling stick.

Courtney brought her real hamster for home. It was her most wished-for present.

Nik loved his Flight Simulator 2002, Pro version, complete with manual.

Nadia opens some pajamas while Andy shoots away with his Nikon 775.

Meanwhile, Dave and Mickie were watching the action and Mary was on the phone.

Barbara bought us an 88-key piano keyboard to use on her visits. Great sound for such a small box.

Before opening presents we had walked to Vista Point Park,
where the kids threw rocks and Barbara took pictures.

Meanwhile, I was looking at the
reflections of clouds in the calm water.

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