Late Christmas at the Lindberg Resort
Pictures taken December 26, 2002 and January 10, 2003

As usual, our Christmas present-openings at the lake house were held after Christmas because the children celebrated their on-time Christmas in the Bay Area. This year our late Christmas celebrations were a rushed affair because Mary and I left early on December 28 to drive to Phoenix for six days at the John Jacobs Golf Academy (more on that later). Nevertheless, we had nice visits with the Andy and Barbara Heninger and Dave and Mickie Lindberg families on December 26 and 27. We celebrated with Craig, Jodie and Tyler on January 10, shortly after our return from Phoenix.
Nik waits for present opening by playing with his TV game machine,
while Dave watches in a sleepless daze after the long drive from Milpitas.

Courtney and Nadia looked a bit dazed, too.

Almost opening time. I don't think Andy was really picking his nose,
but Courtney was certainly sticking her tongue out to give someone the Bronx cheer.

Seconds after the go-ahead Nik was gleefully carrying a stack of presents to an open spot
on the floor, while Courtney was already pulling the wrapping from one of hers.

Minutes later the floor was strewn with wrappings and 
Mary and Maddie were surveying the loot.

Tyler opened his presents from us on Friday, January 10th
when Craig and Jodie took a break from house completion to have dinner with us.

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