Christmas 2006 in Lake Wildwood
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December 21 and 27, 2006
Posted January 14, 2007

Bob Coker, Jim Moulton, Herb, Mary, and Joan Coker have cocktails and admire Mary's tree decorations
before going to dinner at the Lake Wildwood Clubhouse on December 21.

Herb switches positions with Helen Moulton, and shows more of Mary's Christmas Village.

On December 27, Herb took a few pictures with natural light, but soon stopped because
Barbara had her camera with a powerful flash (framed by her waist and arm).

Andy was also taking pictures, so my camera definitely would have been overkill.

A new star this year was Courtney's kitten, which Courtney named Lily that day.

Maddie pets Lily and relaxes with Courtney before present opening begins.

A very relaxed Courtney

Grandpa Herb (me) -- "Look, it's a box!"

Grandma Mary looks in.  It was an electronic picture frame from Dave and Mickie.

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