Sledding at Highway 20 Rest Area
Part 1 of 2

December 29, 2006
Posted January 14, 2007

The day after opening presents, Dave and Nik were up a the crack of dawn to go snowboarding at Donner Ski Ranch, about a 45-minute drive from Lake Wildwood east on Highway 20 and north on Interstate 80.  The next day they were joined by Courtney, Andy, Barbara, Maddie, and Dave's dog Yukon for another ride 25 minutes up Highway 20 to a rest area where they played in the snow.  I'm again using Barbara's pictures, which don't follow consistently in chronological order with the numbers assigned by SmugMug.  I've therefore had to put them into an order which jives with my experience sledding at the highway 20 rest area in February.

Maddie models her new vest and boots, ready for the snow.

Andy, Dave and Yukon at the top of the sledding hill,
which is an old access road not far from the rest area parking lot.

Nik takes off down the hill as Dave, Courtney and Yukon watch.

Crop into the above picture for a better view of Nik

Dave takes Yukon for a ride.

Yukon bailed out and dumped Nik as soon as they started picking up speed.

Courtney starts her run down the hill...

...and soon picks up speed.

Maddie checks Lily (in the pink cat bag) while Yukon looks on.

Lily gets a little body warmth from Maddie.

Nik takes a rest with Yukon.

Courtney shows her snow bunny while Nik works on his sculpture.

Dave with Courtney and her snow bunny.

Ready for their close-up

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