Sledding at Highway 20 Rest Area
Part 2 of 2

December 29, 2006
Posted January 14, 2007

Nik uses Yukon as a pillow while he shapes his snow sculpture.

Then back out for another run down the hill.

He begins to spin soon after, and here is going backwards...

... and heads for a tree.  That can't be good.

Not good.  He misses the tree but while bailing out does a back flip.
(Great shots, Barbara!  Again.)

Courtney keeps Lily warm.

Maddie re-traces her footprints.

Crop into above picture

Time to head back to the parking lot.

Back in Lake Wildwood, Craig has arrived and challenges Dave to a foosball game.



Meanwhile, Nik and Tyler play video games while Maddie watches.

The next two days Barbara had severe abdominal pain.  When they arrived back in Los Altos the second evening, Andy took her to El Camino Hospital for observation.  She had a body scan after prepping with you-know-what.  The doctor viewed the results and then arranged to remove her appendix at once.  This picture was taken by Andy the next day.

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