Post Labor Day Reunion with Baldasti and Snow
September 5 to 9, 2006
Day 2: Nethercutt Museums

Posted September 12, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

On our second full day Walt and Hazel took us to the Nethercutt Museums in Sylmar, California, where Hazel had arranged a guided tour.  The museums house the extensive Nethercutt collections of automobiles, music machines, and many other items, gathered and restored with funds from their successful and ongoing cosmetics business.  The music machines are mainly orchestral size, plus a full-size pipe organ played for us from computer instructions.  The long-established San Sylmar is now supplemented by the recently opened Nethercutt Museum across the street.  

The web page here is mainly photographs of representative automobiles taken in San Sylmar, and is linked to another page with photographs taken in Nethercutt Museum.

San Sylmar, 15200 Bledsoe St. Nethercutt Museum, 15151 Bledsoe St.

Portraits of the Nethercutts hang in the new Nethercutt Museum.

The Nethercutt Museums have an excellent web site filled with detailed information about many of the automobiles and other items in the collection:  The small pictures of the museums given above were taken from this site.  Photographs of automobiles on the Nethercutt web site are presented as thumbnail-sized images that can be rotated in steps through 360 degrees.  Not much detail can be seen in this thumbnail size so I thought it would be useful to present larger images on these pages.

The pictures below start on the ground floor of San Sylmar and then move upstairs to the extravagant Grand Ballroom, modeled after dealer show rooms of yesteryear.  I took the pictures in the order we were guided and where there was enough ambient light to allow a photograph with my wide-angle image-stabilized lens (no flash photography allowed).  All of the cars were restored in shops at San Sylmar and many have won prizes at auto shows, six years running at one show.

1923 Chevrolet

1931 Stutz

1948 MG,  Stutz in background

1932 Lincoln

Lorraine with 1932 Packard

Fatty Arbuckle's 1923 McFarland

Another view of 1923 McFarland in row of restored autos

1906 Franklin

1949 Delahaye, bought for movie star's wife but divorced before receiving it

1928 Isotta Frachini

1910 Napier (left) and 1926 Renault

1931 Cadillac

1932 Austro-Daimler

1930 Du Pont

1933 Duesenberg, $20,000 original price, about $8,000,000 present value

Grand Ballroom from stairway

Grand Ballroom from another angle

Duesenberg and car built to order for Maharaja's wife,  from balcony.
Note rear and side views of Duesenberg in perfectly aligned wall of mirrors.

Consul of full-size pipe organ in "music box" collection above Grand Ballroom.
After playing many of the orchestra music machines,
our tour guide turned on a beautiful organ concert.

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