Tauck Europe River Cruise
Two Week Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam
on the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers

June 21 to July 5, 2008
plus June 19 and 20 on our own in Budapest

Current posting July 4 2022
© 2008--2022, Herbert E. Lindberg

June 19, 20:  Budapest
on our own
June 21, 22:  Budapest
with Tauck Tour
June 23:  Bratislava, Slovakia
June 24:  Vienna, Austria June 25:  Bike Ride
Durnstein to Melk,  Austria
June 25: Durnstein, Austria

thm_1756.jpg (18451 bytes)
June 26:  Passau, Germany June 27:  Regensburg,
June 28:  Nürnberg, Germany

0629_Bamberg, Germany 0630_Rothenburg_Wurzberg,
Wallstadt, Germany



The Netherlands

Click on the thumbnail below to view the entire trip in a four video in playlist of the cruise east-to-west from Budapest to Amsterdam through central Europe on the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers, plus the Danube-to-Main Canal. Altogether it's a 50-minute adventure slide, zoom and pan movie covering the wide variety of things seen and learned on the trip. Brief captions were chosen over narration to maintain the purity of the accompanying music.

Video Playlist